Just wondering why we follow old processes instead of trying new pathways to combine business and social needs

Sometimes I just wonder how the world can look if we connect business and social in a more natural way, if we do not separate it into two different worlds, if we ask how to do business in a way that in every business activity we do we consider and include the social impact, too. We need business and we need to make money. In a purposeful way. In a way where money is not spent because of looking good or because it is state-of-the art, but because it matters. Why e.g. spending an exaggerated amount of money for a Hightech conference booth, that in the middle of other Hightech booths does not really make a difference? Why not putting a simple table only, making people like social entrepreneurs talk and sharing interesting information how we care and make a difference? This could lead to innovative thinking and a cross-functional and cross- sectoral networking, more inclusion and happiness – also for yourself. What do you think? If you or your employees are interested in a really disruptive leadership experience, just check: http://www.innovindia.org

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