The Business of tomorrow is part of a huge ecosystem still to discover

When I was young I learned about birds, plants, stars and planets. About rivers, mountains and cities. In the same way I memorized a lot of other types of information. How to write letters and do calculations, how to do marketing, develop sale strategies and how to post information on several channels. I learned “the letters of the alphabet” which are often the key skills and the basics to climb up the careers ladder. 

 Nowadays, I realize that it’s like knowing all nouns, but not the  verbs. That the perception of how things fit together is a very personal one. That – like in nature (and nature has developed over hundred thousands of years) all is interconnected. All the knowledge and data is meaningless we collect are useless unless we do not see the ecological system that links each part to another. 

You think you can manage your own business? You think that you know how things have to be done? 

In business we think we know what to do to earn money. Wet junk we repeat good practices and it willl work forever. That business and social are separated. That we can do pure business and social is not part of it. We become social in a department of a few people – that’s enough- or if the business year was good we sponsor some social activities. We put the things together like nouns without focusing what is our real purpose. 

We think we are all going in the same direction because our perception is our reality. But there are hundred of thousands different realities.  

We should not believe in our perceptions because they have never been the main aim of our human development. All what nature is doing is to find out how to survive – by being part of the ecosystem and by allowing try and error approaches. Always. 

Today everyone talks about innovation

It’s a common understanding that innovation will help to be successful even tomorrow. But all innovation should be part of what we think it’s right or wrong, based on our processes, our culture, our beliefs. Are you sure?

We should allow to be more openminded at work, to think beyond our own departments and beyond traditional processes, and to permit and support as much as possible a try and error mentality that might not even make any sense to our own realities – there are so many things to discover we are not even aware of. But in the nature there is all evolution knowledge. 

It’s time to discover. And to innovate. Back to the nature, grow within the ecosystem we live in. 

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