Social engagement and digital trainings in rural India

Internet training creating shared valueWhen we talk about social responsibility and how companies can do it, we should keep in mind that enabling people to do the next steps on their own is key. In whatever sector we are and how we engage – in every program digital access should be part of it. 

Do you support housing programs? Are you engaged in health projects? Or do you contribute to food or other human needs? 
Have you ever thought about including a basic Internet training ( including the sponsorship of some devices and flat rates)? 

A practical leadership training for your employees and much more insights

For your employees a one or two day training onsite teaching the Internet basics to communities who have no access (easily manageable in collaboration with local NGOs) could be a real leadership experience. And offer many insights that might be relevant also back in the company. Social engagement can create shared value! 

Watch this video: Internet training for anganwadi (kindergarten) teachers 

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