Visit at kanthari, a training center for changemakers

Visiting Kanthari in Trivandrum Trivandrum, South India – that’s where kanthari is located. A real beautiful place, a place full of intense life and people who have one thing in common:  being “kantharis”, changemakers in the world. 

kanthari is an accredited international institute that recognizes leadership in those individuals who come from and/or are positioned at the margins of society and have overcome major adversities in their lives. In a 7months training the participants from all over the world are prepared to start and/or develop further their own organisations. 

Talking to the participants, learning about their past life challenges, but most of all about their future plans is a very  intense experience for everybody on the campus. Stories of violence, wars, rape, child marriages, abuse of migrants, gender issues, disabilities and injustice… but what is always the most impressive part in these people is to see the power of change, the hope and huge passion to make the world a little better. 

Talks, a beautiful nature and sea rose pickingI’m pretty sure that – like in the last nine years  – a lot of new real kantharis will be in the world. Some of them are even very known because of their amazing change they bring to the world. Like Paul and Sabriye themselves, the founders and heart of kanthari. 

We had a lot of discussions, talks, learnings and fun together. 

Thanks to both of you, Paul and Sabriye, and all the kantharis in the world!

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  1. Arthanas Matongo says:

    Thank you for your visit to kanthari, Tank you for such an inspiring week with you. You have changed our mindset and bring more sparks to all the change makers.

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