Plants for our 3rd kindergarten inauguration and a lot of positive energy

Buying plantsTomorrow is the inauguration of our anganwadi (rural kindergarten) in Kerala, not to fat away from Agali.  Finally. We really look forward to it. A 100 people will join, the kindergarten teacher, local government representatives, village people and we, the project team from the Making more Health initiative and The Karl Kübel institute for development and education. 

The last works are ongoing and we have passed at a rural gardening center to get some nice plants for the children and the anganwadi teacher. 

Very nice plants are there, palms, lemon trees, Curry leave plants, flowers of all kind … It’s really nice to see the varieties all together. 

When we arrive with our plants at the anganwadi building we find a lot of people there. All are very engaged to finalize everything in time for tomorrow.  Some paintings have to be finalized, some are working to connect the water tank with the rain harvesting system, sone others are still busy with the fence. 

Finalizing works at the anganwadiSome helpers come and help to carry the plants inside the kindergarten area. The local government representatives invite us for a chai and proudly show the invitations they have sent out. 

There is a lot of positive energy in the air. It’s a good starting point for tomorrow’s inauguration, isn’t it?

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