Women‘s health – a topic with taboos, but highly appreciated

Our XI trainings module from our health worker Programme has taken place on 26 and 27 November 2018 with 48 participants.

The programme was resourced by a local healthcare professional, Dr.Jisha and Dr.Montderrat Closa from Boehringer Ingelheim, Spain.

The training covered women’s anatomy, hormonal changes like puberty, first menstrual period, menopause. Various contraceptive methods, menstrual hygiene and cycles, adoloscent problems, illnesses like discharges, cancer overies, cervix cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, breast cancer, complication in pregnancy and breast feeding.

Participants wanted to know more on breast cancer and cervical cancer, as mostly prevalent in India.

Initially, the women were hesitant in asking details, but during the course a lot of pressing questions could be answered. At the end some women even proposed to have men, too for the programme.

This programme has helped women to know more on their health and enriching experience.

Great work and many thanks to our local supporters from the Karl Kübel Institute for development education, the local doctor and our colleague from Spain to prepare and run this session!

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