First steps to support people with Albinism in Webuye

If you see an opportunity to help ( donation, contacts, network) please contact me.

Go Kenya, go future!

It started some years back when Jane became my friend. Jane is a person with albinism, Kenyan and leads Positive Exposure, a NGO that started recently to support People with albinism (PwAs). I learned about the challenges these people encounter in their life. Incredible and horrible. Often extremely poor, excluded from society, often raped or even killed. As parents and teachers often don’t know what to do and what to avoid , PwAs often are exposed to sun, don’t put the right clothes, teachers don’t recognize the short sight, superstition and myth provoke many critical situations for whole families.

There is a huge lack of knowledge and a huge need to build a community

At the end of September 2019 we launched a website to share more knowledge about albinism, a genetic condition that in Kenya, Tansania and the countries around is particularly high. The website is just a starting…

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