You think it is impossible? Let’s try together …

Go Kenya, go future!

It happened on the way. In one of the rare streets in Western Kenya which connect some rural areas to the next town. Bumpy streets (streets???) with a lot of holes and gaps of all sizes. A real challenging travel that requires a lot of time.

The huge gap

This time it seemed to be impossible to proceed: there was an 80 cm deep digged trench across the whole road. No way to go ahead. No way to go around. Simply impossible. So what? Going back the whole way and trying another road? This would have taken at least additional three hours… for 15 km. We stepped out. Talked. Looked around. No way! Local people joined. And came up with an idea.

Impossible we thought. Never ever. But we tried and together we made it! Just see how:

What we learned?

  • Well, it might not be the most elegant and…

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