The MMH Virus – and the personal engagement by our external leadership trainer he

Last week we have run with the active support of our external leadership trainer, Jeremy Keeley, one day training for teachers and students of Industrial Training Institute, Kerala. The training was facilitated by Jeremy who has joined us in the past years during the leadership weeks under the Making More Health umbrella. The great thing: he took the initiative and just did it. On his own. With our local NGO partners.

He conducted the professional leadership training for 21students in the morning and 10 teachers in the afternoon. Who official trainer is doing this without any payment? That’s what is so great!

This is the first time local Indian students and teachers from the tribal areas are getting leadership training. They are all happy and teachers are happy to know the theoritical concept of leadership, interpersonal relationship, different models to handle problems etc.

Thanks, Jeremy. Not just fur running the training ( which is of course very helpful and great) , but also to engage personally. That’s what makes our initiative Making More Health very special. It’s a movement where people buy in and engage themselves. Whether they are employees or not.

And now this week our next leadership week with 20 managers of our company has started. Let’s see what will happen…!!!!

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