India: Lockdown leads to human tragedies and hit homeless and children even more

Good friends of mine in Thrivandrum run a learning center for social entrepreneurs and are in contact with many of them who have founded social organizations in the country. They post daily information on how things are going where their ex students have set up social entrepreneurial activities in India and all over the world.

I won’t die of Coronavirus. Before that, I will surely die of hunger

That’s one short report:

„I won’t die of Coronavirus. Before that, I will surely die of hunger. I heard this lament more than a dozen times from different people as I joined a group of young friends trying to feed a thousand homeless people in Old Delhi in our small, almost helpless gesture of solidarity with them.” Listen to Harsh Mander explain what he saw on the second day of the nation-wide lockdown to battle the deadly Coronavirus. State’s measures to fight coronavirus are stripping the poor of dignity and hope.
In Old Delhi, there are several thousand homeless people waiting in line for a plate of food. Many said they had sat six hours for someone to come with food. Most said they had not eaten more than a couple of meals in the last three days. And the portions they got in charity were so meagre that they barely filled their stomachs. ( Karwane Mohabbat)

Gouri Shankar Mishra, kanthari Student in 2015, founded An-Anya, an organization supporting children rights and against child work. He describes the situation in many orphanages run by private organizations ( often profit oriented) where for every placement of one at least two children are registered. With the consequence that the food delivery is very little as the not registered children get no extra food delivery. In the past neighbors helped out with food. But these donations get less these days or disappear due to the lockdown. Rice, lentils, vegetables – all is getting more expensive… most of the children homes lack of soap and disinfectants. …

You can read more reports on the kanthari page ( in German language only) or at Facebook

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