Tailoring masks for more health and family food

Our Selfhelp group of tailoring women produces masks

In Karamadai, close to Coimbatore, where we have been doing a lot of health trainings and income generation activities over the last five years, our Selfhelp group of tailoring women is very active: While producing masks they help others, but also themselves and their families. The income source is really needed to cover the food every day.

It is important to support these women and give them some income opportunities right now and while doing so they support others. That’s making more health – because we need to protect, but also to make sure that people can buy food.

“We started stitching of masks and we could produce around 200 pieces in a day. On 04 April 2020 we could distribute the masks to the sanitary workers of Karamadai panchayat in the presence of Police officials and political leaders,” explains sister Anila “We are involving also some more women who are in their houses without job due to lock down, so that 8000 masks can be produced in the next four weeks.”

The mask distribution

And the request for masks is now very high. Also our Selfhelp groups in the villages and the visitors in the tribal hospital need masks to protect what is protectable…

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