Holistic empowerment goes beyond mask distribution

The Karl Kübel foundation (KKS) and Making More Health (MMH), a social entrepreneurial initiative driven by Boehringer Ingelheim have been supporting 20 local leaders from Vimuktha Federation. They women have participated in several health and hygiene awareness training sessions as well as in digital and income generation activities, among them also the production of soap. Most of the women infected by HIV/AIDS have been trained in Community Health care and Soap making at KKID over a period of two years. This was very impactful, especially now with the Covid crises the learnings are even more useful.

Impact is when people empower themselves

These leaders in turn have trained hundreds of self help group members in soap making among other entrepreneurship activities. During COVID – 19 Pandemic, the support of food materials and health kits have been distributed to the poor and needy families. In order to provide sustainable economic development among these families, Making More Health through KKS has proposed to empower the rural women.

In the last two weeks only this has happened:

1. Eight training Programs were conducted and 120 community members participated with social distance

2. Soaps & masks were provided to the general public and IEC materials distributed in order to spread awareness on COVID – 19

3. The Vimuktha federation supplied 2250 soaps and 2250 face masks during this reporting period while ensuring income to their members.

The specific crises program has been started in June already and will be ongoing.

As soon as possible also additional health and income generation training sessions will be continued and the network and holistic approach to build an ecosystem where change at a larger scale is possible will be grown.

If you want to contribute and help the women to create income, have a look here, too: http://www.kendia.de

It’s an online shop where products made by our women selfhelp groups can create a win to all. with every bag you buy you empower our women in selfhelp groups to empower themselves. Fair and care! On a partnering level.

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