Takeaways from our Making More Health Insights week – coming in as strangers, leaving as friends

It’s when we start to do that we learn

The Making More Health Insights week in India has come to an end. A Leadership and insights week for 15 international managers full of “experiences on the ground” in tribal villages, suburban set ups, visits to NGOs, discussions and interactions with communities living at the poverty line in our project areas in South India.

This week was not just about field visits and talks, but also about giving back and while doing so learning ourselves a lot. On how things are interconnected, on social entrepreneurial thinking, on systemic solutions and unusual partnerships.

One special challenge was the training which our participants had to prepare and do themselves at the end of the week: a training for young adolescents in a technical institute where those young people learn about bike repairing and mechanics, welding and electricity. The task of our managers was to build trust and to train them in some soft skills, in raising self-confidence and self- empowerment. In various small groups the managers run the 2 hours training with ca 100 students.

“It was a great pleasure with our boys”, one of our colleagues said and smiled.

At the flight back we run some interviews and asked about the takeaways.

Find here the video statements:

Statements from our participants

Statement from Sharon from USA about the MMH Insights week

Statement from Zek about his take away

Statement from Eduardo about the week

The next MMH Insights weeks will take place in October – then go out Kenyan project areas. Already 40 managers are looking forward to it.

But also if you are not working for Boehringer Ingelheim, you can take part in such an experience week offering you opportunities to build first networks, to learn more about modern start up sceneries in Bangalore as well as understanding the interactions with marginalized communities – and exploring yourself how sustainable acting can look – beyond facts, figures and theoretical planning. We offer an InnovIndia week to company owners and senior managers, CSR and sustainability responsible business people. We believe that experiencing yourself is key. If you are interested, please contact. There is no profit for us, but we believe that sustainable change need networks, many partners and also a real understanding how things are connected. That’s why we decided to open up our program.

We run that offer together with the Karl Kuebel foundation and the International forum for sustainability.

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