…because the future starts with our children

A few days back, Eszter Harsyani, a social entrepreneur from Hungary, running the organization Nestingplay, and our local partner NGO in India, the Karl Kubel institute for development education, have run together a session with kindergarten teachers, teachers and parents on early childhood development.

Teachers and kindergarten teachers as well as local community members participate at the KKID NGO in the training session

As one participant said:“I liked the teaching methods. They are easy and I want to use them. I take away all the play methods of learning. “ And another one added: „I learnt how to teach the last child in the classroom with learning difficulties rather than the toppers.“

This training is just the starting point of a series of activities around joyful playing and teaching, sharing skills to parents, teachers and informal health workers on early childhood development

Eszter has implemented a similar program in Kenya, too, where in the meantime two parent centers are active.

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