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A day in Chennai – a day in modern India

It’s May and the temperatures and humidity is high. It’s low tourist season. After months I’m back to South India. Heading to my rural people, where life looks different, challenging, but close to earth.  There is one day left before … Continue reading

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When poor girls learn about graphic design 

It’s a small project, but one of those projects which makes a difference in the lives of young adults. Directly, without  too much theoretical thinking how to do it, but just by starting and making a difference – step by … Continue reading

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Nearly a fifth of all women are Indian. Where are they going? A book recommendation

In India, there live more than 17% of all women in the world. The rate of women below the age of fifteen is even higher: 20%, this corresponds to 174 million young women. Have you ever thought what this could … Continue reading

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Children books and Social change – help needed

There has been written so much about education as a key element to social change. And probably there are only a few things in the world that are that true. When I came across this chart I was really surprised … Continue reading

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