Dare to imagine – a video for social entrepreneurs and all who want to change the world

20130419-213801.jpg image is taken from video, cited below

Dare to imagine how the world could look in fifty, hundred years…
Have you ever asked yourself
– how people will live together?
– how family life will be organized?
– how schools will be structured?
– how prevention and health issues will be solved?
– which will be our main environmental needs and activities?
– how your business could look?
– …

This video is simply great and has been shown during the Skoll World Forum’s 2013 opening plenary, where people from different areas and cultures, a theoretical physicist, a publisher, a neuroscientist, a technologist, a social financier, and a young science prodigy speculate on the next 50 years.
What seems to be clear: the old, incremental way of tackling problems won’t work anymore. And that we have to change.
The film is profoundly optimistic— let’s just start and change. We have so many ideas, technologies and tools to help us cope with this change
video: Dare to imagine (Skoll Foundation)

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