Ideas needed – health from a different perspective

When I came across this article I asked myself there must be a lot of ideas in the world how to help patients and private caregivers, relatives and friends who are caring about patients day by day at home and experience these issues described in the cited article below.
Some of the issues raised are just human basics. I just selected a few and look for some ideas in the area of social entrepreneurship that could be realized.
Please share your ideas – and let’ s see if we can change:

What chronic pain and illness make me miss the most

Find here some extracts of this article published by Toni Bernhard:

The ability to be spontaneous. My guess is that this is #1 on most people’s lists. Having to painstakingly plan everything out is not particularly fun. Having to then impose it on others is never fun. A few months ago my brother and sister-in-law drove from about an hour away to have dinner with us. But we couldn’t just say, “Come in the afternoon and we’ll visit and then eat a leisurely dinner,” because that won’t work for me. If I visit in the afternoon, I won’t be able to join them for dinner. And if they only come for dinner, it had better be an early one because I turn into a pumpkin at about 7:00. So they came at 4:30 and we ate dinner at 5:30. It was great to see them, but there was nothing spontaneous about the occasion—at least not to me. …

Socializing. The peak hours for socializing coincide with when I’m “down”—noontime (I’m napping) and evenings (I’m that pumpkin). And we’ve found that a partner doesn’t get invited over to dinner when the other partner is sick. Were my husband single, we feel certain he’d get those invitations. We don’t judge others negatively over this because we recognize that they may think he wouldn’t want to come alone, or they may feel uncomfortable about leaving me out. But the fact remains: he has almost as limited a social life as I do.

The ability to putter around the house, engaging in pleasurable tasks. I loved to garden. Now, I occasionally transplant something. But most of my gardening is confined to pulling weeds because they’re what inevitably stare at me when I go outside.

I also loved to paint rooms. (Perhaps this was a holdover from my days as an undergrad in college when I painted houses in the summer.) This was one of my joys as a homeowner: paint a room one color and then…paint it another! Now I’m in a bedroom that badly needs painting (as well as a new rug), but I haven’t the ability to do what needs to be done for the preparation and then the disruption. The rug can be replaced…but can I handle being displaced? We’re considering it.”


Looking forward to your input.

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