Socializing Social entrepreneurship – 1 + 1 makes 3

Socializing Social enterpreneurs – it sounds somehow strange, but this is what could lead to much more success in the future and accelerate social change in the world.
We are just at the beginning.

Having a look at ongoing social entrepreneur competitions, platforms and organizations that are involved in supporting social activities it is mostly a limited, isolated approach with defined borders by topic, language, location and impact on a certain area. This limitation is just a consequence and simply depends on where the social entrepreneur or industry/organisational unit (universities and other institutions) are located and how individuals decide on where to focus and to act. Which is not wrong, but limiting.
Often it is characterized by this relationship type:
– a one (eg industrial partner) to one (one social entrepreneur unit) relationship,
– sometimes also a one (industrial , organizational partner) to many (several social entrepreneurs) collaboration, what does not mean that the participating social entrepreneurs are co- working among themselves).

It reminds me of the beginnings of digital communication in the early 2000s when selected news were delivered to a centralized point, checked and approved, edited and then re- distributed to many. But with the social channels and open access everything on how, when, who, where and to whom is communicating has changed.
Today, communications has a completely different impact. The many-to-many approach – without any editorial bottleneck – is opening completely new horizons on what communications can achieve.

What, if this happens to social entrepreneurship, as well?

Social entrepreneurship has developed enormously in the last years and the first connectivity activities have started: First platforms are growing where social entrepreneurs can register, and of course, there are many specific events coming up where social entrepreneurs can go and meet.
But it is difficult to connect across the borders whether these are institutional-, cultural- or topical- driven ones.

But just think about the possible impact if we are able to create together huge networks where collaborations and connections are not that much depending from specifically designed events or competitions launched by some organizations (which often are known just by chance from social entrepreneurs’ perspective), but all the stakeholders involved in creating social impact could identify quickly ongoing projects and people, where entrepreneurs and enterprises could connect across industrial sectors and countries, where social entrepreneurs active in certain regions could simply connect among each other and …. well, where one and one could simply make three.

This social approach could lead to a socializing process of the business itself and speed up the social impact, including social media communications and social entrepreneurship.
Jfyi: On the web I found this page: digitalhope which seems a good starting point. However, it seems that there is still much to do. But it shows some good ideas on how it could look.

Ideas? Let’s go ahead!

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