Create a strategy that is social rather than a social media strategy

Although it sounds similar, there is a huge difference on how you start and work on “social strategies”: having a social media strategy does not mean automatically that you are done with a social strategy. Without doubt: there are many nice and cool social channels outside, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Qype, youTube, Vine, Vimeo and hundreds more … The number of channels grow day by day. And there is nothing wrong with it. You need to identify which ones are the right channels for your business or project. However, starting to work with them can lead easily to a pure ‘tool’ approach. It is a little bit like the passion for cars. There are elements and functionalities available that will attract your entire attention. You see them and you get enthusiastic about them. Or you chose them because they have a good price or many people do the same. But a social strategy is more than just the tool.

Having social media channels in place, does not really mean that you make them run.
Like with a car, you need much more for going from A to Z: what about streets, license and energy? What about a route map and what if you need a co-driver or to repair?
So, what about a social strategy?

You want to socialize?
Then ask the following questions:

  • With whom do you want to socialize?
  • Due to resources, but also from a content point of you it is impossible to socialize with everyone outside your company. Think who are your ambassadors/customers and focus on them. Listen first, then act.

  • What should these people you socialize with do? What’s there role?
  • Should they be your ambassadors, do promotion, share, like or directly buy?

  • Why should they become your “energy” , your supporters?
  • I mean what are the elements that stimulate them to support what you are looking for? It is simply the question about what is in for them?

  • Where are your ambassadors?
  • Choosing the right ‘streets’ is essential to reach your goal. Although some social media channels seem to be very attractive to you and many use them, it does not automatically mean that these are the right channels for your customer.
    Find out on which channels they are looking for what.

  • The most important question probably is around the content you offer, independently where and via which channel. There is nothing worse than a content that is not appealing, interesting and attracting your customer’s attention. Setting up a social media channel is not always easy, but the real art is to make it run.
  • Social Media channels are just a part of your socializing strategy. Take into account that also more traditional channels are still valid and that often a direct approach, an active exchange and dialogue is still the best.

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