Mobile learning in Africa – more networking needed

Staying last week at the Vision Summit I learnt some more details about mobile learning initiatives in Africa in the education sector. Mobile communication is for certain one of the best and rather easily affordable ways to reach also people suffering from poor infrastructure in rural areas. The examples shown were impressive, the level of education for children was enormously better by being supported via mobile learning.

Just thinking: what if we could enlarge this education initiative and combine the pure ‘school’ education process with more benefits for the children, but also parents, relatives and friends, neighbors, farmers, etc.? We in the developed countries have started several mobile initiatives, some of them really fantastic ones, but often limited to one sector, in a separated way, each industry for itself: mobile industry, health industry, nutrition industry, school education… why not collaborating much more across industries, adding our efforts and trying to make the best out of it? Just imagine our mobile, education, health sectors work together in one on these initiatives!

Do you know examples of mobile collaboration in Africa across the single sectors?

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