Knitting together Arts and social change – and why not add business?

“The twentieth century has transformed
the entire planet from a finite world of certainties to an infinite world of questioning and doubt. So if ever there was a need to stimulate creative imagination and initiative on the part of individuals, communities and whole societies the time is now. The notion of creativity can no longer be restricted to the arts. It must be applied across the full spectrum of human problem-solving.”

World Commission on Culture and Development

‘Knitting together arts and social change’ is one of the best summaries of case studies how social change can be achieved by combining it to arts. During a two and a half year lasting programme at Peterborough, UK, many different activities have taken place that show how collaboration can look, be it economically, politically or creatively driven.The arts and public sectors have much to offer each other.
Concrete examples, experiences with several stakeholders and participants during the programme itself and how people lived it are making this report ‘touchable’ and invite to think about a similar initiative also in other parts of the world.

If arts helps to change societies, to open horizons for a better future, so why should business not integrate them, as well? Business is essential and should become part of this change.
“We are learning to be together differently in order to do together differently.”
It is time to re-think our traditional business and managing planning. Let’s integrate into our managerial behavior and doing space for creativity and arts. If your business is serving society, then these elements can support your market access enormously.
( see also November 2013 post here ” Why business needs smiling yoga”).

Very useful is also a good overview on resources and websites taking care of this topic in general.

Find here the report

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