Crakakuiooi….About implementing innovative business models

I bet you are also looking for innovation – or at least for innovative ideas.
Which is nothing bad, although I feel this term is somehow becoming ‘boring’ – everyone talks about innovation, innovate this, innovate that … Just think about the innovative market behind: Do you know all the techniques and processes on how we collect innovative ideas? There are a huge number of agencies and consulting firms gaining money with organizing brainstorming sessions, design thinking workshops, collective idea creation events. Many of these offers are interesting and ends with a lot of innovative ideas, too.
But then?
I mean how many of these generated ideas really survive and if so, get implemented? 10%? 5%? Less?

I assume it is much less. Because it is so hard to innovate – and so few who really can help you to manage this.
Innovation is not just the idea, the big part of works comes when it comes to implementation. How many consultancies do you find to help you in a way that at the end something really has changed? Nothing against all these enterprises, do not get me wrong. But I think there is a huge gap among the first idea creation point and the implementation process knowhow which really lasts and changes the world.
Innovating is a hard job. Even one of the hardest. It’ s like discovering a new continent. Instead of funding enthusiastic supporters most of the people you will meet need to be convinced. Innovation is nice as long as not too many things change. Sometimes even the obvious simp,est things to change become a huge problem.
It is not that much to make people understand your idea, But what if they have to break with old (standard operating) processes they are used to, to develop the courage to try new things, to take risks, to finance, to think about a bundle of connected second effects in their teams, possible downs in the leaning curve, upcoming fears, additional work needed? So, where to start best? How to find supporters who really help you to achieve a change? How to market your idea? How to scale up?

Sometimes, I wish we had much more of those idea implementers and less of pure idea makers. In the meantime I will just calm myself by whispering again and again crakakuiooiiiiiii…for all the good ideas we missed.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head with this! When we are inspired we come up with a variety of wonderful ideas. However somewhere along the line your great idea becomes a dream and as Napoleon Hill quotes “A goal is a dream with a deadline” It is important that as entrepreneurs you realize that success is not accomplishing “finishing” the goal at hand however it is working towards that goal every single day little by little knowing that once time permits you’ll look up and it has been accomplished. Innovate everyday! And give yourself a deadline everyday! Ask yourself at the beginning of the day “what am I going to do today in order to move forward with my idea” and at the end of the day ask yourself “what did I do today that moved my goal forward” if you have an answer to your end of the day question you are then successful!


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