Dialysis gives only little space for living your dreams

Dialysis is life- saving. I am happy that in many countries it is possible to get this treatment, if needed, if your kidneys do not work any more. In many locations there is no real chance to survive, no health service where to go unless your economic status permits a solution. How many foundations help to set up dialyses centers and machines/service in poor countries? Do you know any?

But also in places, where your two or three day treatment a week is offered, and from a disease perspective you are well cured, it is still an illness that is considered a condition that often happen to old people and which, therefore, lacks a huge attention in the population – besides the medical- driven one.
Ok, there are some patient associations, but how much lobby is done?
Have you ever thought what it means to the patients who can benefit from dialysis services? To the older ones, but also those who are still part of younger generations?
You need to control what you eat, what you drink. After every treatment you might have cramps, feel tired. Often there are further diseases added due to not working kidneys.
Most of the dialysis patients need to stop working, or to reduce at least, which means often a lot of stress with your employer or disoccupation, less money, often causing sharp cuts of your life style, no freedom to do spontaneously visits that takes more than two, three days, no unplanned travel .
Well, there are travel agents offering already special travels for these patients. Ship tours around the globe and dialyses is offered on board. Nice thing, if you can afford. Rich people can, others… well, very simple: spend your life at home.

You may think that is egoism. Destiny. And after all, you can live your life with no working kidneys. Indeed, you can.
Just remains a deep sadness connected to this condition, but true: dialysis is life saving, but not in the focus when it comes to philanthropic and social support.

If you know about foundations, patients aid organizations, esp. in Europe, please let me know so that we can share this information. And any other ideas on how to optimize this situation is highly appreciated.

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