Envision the World Cup in Brazil to make more social entrepreneurship happen

Sports as an accelerator for social impact
Sports as an accelerator for social impact

Brazil? If you mention Brazil in these days people start to discuss and talk about the World Cup: football games, teams, players, interviews, discussions on goal decisions … How many of us would like to be there and to support our teams and enjoy the atmosphere of Brazilian lifestyles, parties, dancing. Vivid discussions, colorful pictures come to our minds, full of emotion. An incredible amount of community feeling and engagement – independent from gender, age, nationality.
A short-term effect, unfortunately. Repeated every four years for a few weeks: a world that focuses on a common wish, a common vision raising the wish to be part of it, to engage somehow and to be successful.
Just imagine, if these feelings and power could be linked to a common engagement for a social cause … Have you ever thought what could be reached in these moments? Maybe also with long term consequences for a better world?
Positive thinking makes us powerful, connected and gives us a vision.

On the other site people see the negative consequences of the championship and problems of the country. Poverty. The pictures and reports which reach us every day via TV, newspapers, radio. Crime. Las favelas. But there is no concrete way to take the initiative, maybe some individuals engage, but the mass engagement? Failure… Negative thoughts seems to take away our energy.

So, what? It seems to be clear that positive thinking can make a real difference and are a motor to energize all of us, our ideas and our engagement. For social entrepreneurship, too, can’t it?

Positive thinking as an accelerator for social entrepreneurship
Just imagine we could link cultural events that stimulates positive thinking to community engagement and energize concrete social impact initiatives. If we found a way to bring more social entrepreneurship ideas around the globe while staying engaged and support them actively. Why not taking sport events as a starting point to ‘move’ the world and change a lot – for our future.
Just looking at the banners at the playing field edges where branded products are marketed, be it from the food, be it from the automobile or any other industry – imagine to promote some of the most exciting social entrepreneurial ideas instead with the request to support concretely by sharing the ideas, investing, participating, replicating these ideas all over the world.
If promotional banners shown there are really successful and huge influencers and then connected to impact making stories and changemakers, just imagine how much we could accelerate the movement of social entrepreneurship…

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