A new year starts… How cold, rainy days and a colorful India fit together


It is one if those days in Germany where you just want to stay in bed, while outside the grey continuous toc, toc, toc of raindrops hits continuously against your window and there is nor real difference between seven o clock in the morning or three o’clock in the afternoon. The world seems to be covered by an uniform grey colour, boring, lightless, but somehow it is even the most relaxing time of the year. People dress like they feel – the winter colors are rather unspectacular. It seems as if the world has just decided to have a break, to have a sleep, and the times when you are awake to make you feel like a stranger sitting somewhere and just observing on what is happening out there …
One of my personal gaming ideas in these times is it to think about contrasts. It is like a medicine. You feel stressed? Just imagine a peaceful grey day in bed. You feel depressed and too sleepy? Well, then …start thinking and decide which would be the opponent, the one totally different from what you see at the moment. Have you ever tried out?

Well, today it is the Indian fish market coming to my mind. The one I visited two months ago. Earl in the morning. The color flood is massive. The women clothes, the colored ships, the hundreds of people moving around in all directions, the many different kinds of fish, the head loaders, the smiles and cries…

But just have a look by yourself and if you are a sleepy European: time to get up. The world is calling!

Video: just click here


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