India: Healthcare in rural areas is expensive, but this could change


The long walk, the cost of loss of earnings of the day, the price of staying in the city when treatment is needed, and the cost of a relative coming with the patient to support any treatment needed – these all are factors that makes the access to healthcare in rural areas in India much more expensive than in the cities.

One example is the technology platform, offered by
Sujay Santra, Founder, iKure. In this video he speaks about his game-changing idea that connects the best of doctors with the remotest villages of India.

Watch this VIDEO:

The man who is taking care of the remotest villages of India

First solutions like the one shown in the video below are in place. But even simple things can help a lot – starting with a better Internet access, more smartphones for tribals and a higher frequency of mobile clinic visits.

Maybe you have an old working smartphone left? This could save a life. Please let me know.

Wishing you all a good start in 2015!

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