India and modern Arts – what comes to your mind?


Have you ever asked yourself who is a good modern Indian artist? I did and I had to admit that I did not know even one. I did not remember to have read about one nor seen any modern example. Well, I’m not an expert in arts, but I was really a little bit astonished not to know at least one name, one modern artist. Nothing. When we read about India, talk about this country in TV – at least here in Europe – it is mostly about Indian politics, poverty, women abuse. Then maybe religion, temples, gurus, massage and spirituality, some travel destinations and spicy Indian food. But what about modern arts?

That’s why I visited some museums and found him. Probably he is not the only artist, maybe not the best – but I like him: Narendra Babu.


He was born in Tamil Nadu, 1963. He completed Diploma & Post Diploma in Painting in Chennai. His paintings are a reflection of everyday life in brilliant colours and meticulous drawings combining mythology and modernity.
Looking at his pictures I discovered many things I have lived during my seven weeks in India. And I discovered this amazing colorful scenario that stands for life at its best.

I think we at the other parts of the world should hear more often about him and these colorful modern Indian artists – e.g in some general magazines and in TV they should be mentioned. Unfortunately, we just notice too often the negative site of a country and know too less about the positive, cultural events and interesting people living there.

By the way: Babu has won many national awards for his works.
“Weavers colony”:


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