Meeting the Children’s club at the end of the world

The children of Mokhmalla in the Gharwal live in one of the most isolated parts of the world. Due to bad roads, missing vehicles and money they live in the upper parts of a Himalayan mountain. They live at the end of a valley, there where the high Himalaya mountains start growing into heaven. 

It seems at the beginning that there are just a few houses here and there, but soon we discover that behind these houses entire villages with up to 800 – 1000 habitants are ‘hidden’ and surrounded by sub- villages. There are no turists coming, seldomly some habitants from the next town pass by. The only regular visit is done by sisters and a Father from Ghat, a small town, but even 30 minutes on car from here due the bad infrastructure. The Christian Karuna Social Service Society organisation has set up a social program in this area, supported by a German NGO, the Karl Kübel Stiftung. One part of it is the establishment of a children’s club. Here, the children meet on a regular basis in the afternoon for two hours, play together and experience some interesting activities. Two volunteers of the villages around help to make it happen and get also some ‘input lessons’ – dancing, singing, drawing. The children love it. 

When we arrive they already wait for us. They have prepared a program for ‘special guests’.


They sing, dance and the action song makes us finally move, too. At the beginning they are rather shy when I ask them some questions, but when we start a short quiz they participate very lively. Even some adults take part in deciding whether India or country x,y,z. Is the bigger one. Who has the better cricket players?, I ask – “India has one of the best cricket teams,” the village teacher who at the arrival welcomed us, proudly explains. 

The ice has broken. They request a German children song , too. Ok, we sing the famous duck song and they listen carefully. I wonder if they really like it, however, they want to know what it is all about. We spend a great time together. When we leave we are all happy. The children greet us unless we disappear on one of these endless pathways behind a hill. 


It was worth to come to the end of the world to get this experience!

If there were a bit more of money a lot of things could be done for this children, if … They need more health, better educational material and a better infrastructure. 

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