A stop at Delhi airport & a shopping surprise in the very early morning


The shopping ghost
The shopping ghost
Going from Europe to India means mostly to arrive after midnight and – in case Delhi, Chennai or Mumbai are not the final destination – to spend a few hours in one of these airports before being able to continue the travel. This is what happened to me today, too. So I arrived around 2am at Delhi and – I have to admit  the colourful clothing and accessories shops always attract my attention – independent from the time of arrival. So, I had found a nice top and asked the shop assistant if it was possible to try. “Yes M’am, but please wait a second “, he said and with these words he disappeared and knocked with energy at the dressing room. Some strange sound came out, the door opened slowly and then: a piece of cardboard came out. A long one, it moved to the right, to the left, back and forward. It seemed to be just the card or let’s say a moving card, ghost-like. It took a while until  I discovered behind all this card a man and I understood: It was the second assistant who had taken the opportunity to take a little sleep inside the dressing room laying on the cardboard on the ground. When I stepped out of the dressing room he was still waiting in the shop with the card in his hands. In a rush he disappeared again and the door of the dressing room closed slowly behind him. 

I hope he still had some good dreams. 

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