Colours in Ahmedabad –  the kite festival


Kite vendors prepare for tomorrow
Kite vendors preparing

Incredible India, incredible colourful country!

Who still has some doubts whether India is the most colourful country of the world, should come to Ahmedabad and see… It’s a day before the annual kite festival will take place. In the streets of the city there is a very specia atmosphere.

I have come to Ahmedabad because of a health game that an Indian designer has worked on and which should become an income source for the tribal women in South India. However, that’s a story I will share later.

Ahmedabad is Gujarat’s major city and a startling metropolis with a long history, many remarkable buildings, a fascinating old city and a large river, called Sabarmati River and used to be surrounded by a 10km-long wall, of which little now remains except 15 formidable gates. But the gates are landmarks and makes it easy to travel in the city.

The kite festival is a kite business, too.
Colouring the rope

I cannot belief my eyes when I arrive in the old city: tomorrow the famous kite festival of Ahmedabad will take place and I have never seen so many colours all over the streets.


Children playing with the kites on the top of the roofs
Children playing with the kites on the top of the roofs

What is really unbelievable and a must have seen for all travelers who in janaury coming to the city: kites everywhere, children on the roofs competing on who can cut the neighbor’s kite, colourful paper and plastic kites, kites with superman and famous politicians on it, kites of all sizes, kite vendors in every corner ….and on the top of the roofs young boys are testing the kites and try to cut their friends’ kites. What a fun, what a colourful surrounding.

Kite rope coloring
All, whether adults or children, are involved in the preparations. 

But have a look yourself!

Whenever you come in January to Guajarat, this event is for sure one you should not miss!



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