Talking about life at a handicrafts shop in Cochin


Talking to a business man at Cochin
Talking to a business man at Cochin

It’s one of the bigger handicrafts shops at Fort Cochin.  One of those shops where during the high season tourists from all over the world stop to buy some souvenirs from India. But today there are not many people. It’s April already; the monsoon season has started in Kerala and it is very hot and humid. The number of tourists will slow down …

When I pass, Sajid invites me to have a look at his shop and to stop for a tea. Why not? Very soon he tells me much more about his life: listen and see what he says – video

If you are in the surroundings of Fort Cochin and are looking for some nice handicraft, you just go and see. It’s where the Chinese Fishing nets end on the way to the Dutch cemetery…

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