Challenging bridges and traffic jams in the Himalayan paradise

Bridges? Believe in them
Bridges? Believe in them

I have never seen so many bridges within a few hours trip as today. On a trip from Leh to Lama Yuru, around 140 km. Probably, there are places in the world where many more bridges exist in a similar distance. A matter of perception, I assume. For me there were simply many bridges to cross. I admit: you have to believe in them or just turn back. Many bridges are under construction, but not ready yet. Often, the basic construction of the old small bridges is just covered by long small metal pieces which sometimes are not even connected to each other. The view through some gaps here and there to the ground is fantastic, if you like it…

A broken bridge - things that happen
A broken bridge – things that happen

After 100 km in a rather unpopulated landscape we finish up in a traffic jam right in front of an old bridge. Broken. But they are already repairing and after half an hour we can pass. On our return the bridge is broken again and we have to wait two hours now.  Cars everywhere, on the right and left, in front of and behind the bridge. A jam like in a big city. In the meanwhile some workers with some small tools repair the metal part. A camion stops under the bridge in the dry river bed. Good thing –  so, if it crashs it is not that deep. I’m somehow happy when we have passed the bridge finally – some strange noises under the wheels- and when we can continue on the road with its beautiful mountains and unexpected views of paradise!

Like in paradise
Like in paradise

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