DELHI, where are you going?

Delhi - where is your fresh air?
Delhi – where is your fresh air?

I had read about it even in Europe, several times: The bad smog in Delhi. Even got some advice via email before leaving that the air pollution has reached high levels after Diwali and even before.  I do not want to explain the mixture of  adverse weather, farmers burning  leftover paddy straw, Diwali  and subsequent festivals. Not going into depth to understand the why. It is an easy work for experts to analyse, to research the exact data, to document. But at the end – if this is all what is happening – it doesn’t have any impact. The data won’t save any human being. 

And what about me and you?  Smog in Delhi? Smog in other cities, other countries? It happens that we read it, get it and – forget it. And if it concerns us, let’s buy a mask and air purifier. I mean you do not think twice about it. Because it is just one among hundred other news we get every day. 

It might have been the contrast just coming from a wonderful nature in the Himalayas, but it was shocking, shocking, shocking: from above you can see it, not just above the city, but starting already 100, 200, maybe even more km away.
 A brown dirty and very huge soup is hanging above the landscape, the view is dusted, you do not see anything from the plane. Only in the very last minutes before landing you can recognize some houses. Stepping out of the plane you can smell it, too. A burned ugly air. After I while you get used to it. You do not even realize that the sky is rather brown than blu any more if you don’t scrutinize. And who has time to observe always the air? There is business as usual. Come on!

I go in the afternoon for some talks about  upcoming big programs to a huge office building at New Delhi. Inside there are air purifiers everywhere. The people tell me that they all have respiratory problems. They measure the pollution on a regular basis. It was even higher last week. But Let’s come to the main topics of today’s business. 

What kind of consolations!

Well, I would say, if you want to smoke feel free to do so. As many as you like. Why do we have all the warning pictures at the cigarette boxes if we smoke smog 24 hours a day and there is no big breath warning? It doesn’t make any difference.

In the night I wake up. I can  smell it again and just put my face under the blanket to avoid death by breath. 

Delhi, India, Asia, hey you all in the world – where are we going if one day we cannot breathe anymore? There might come up some slight issues having impact on our daily business, don’t you think so? Let’s calculate the economic loss and do some data research! And add innovative startup rounds – to find out how to survive without air 😦 

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