More social entrepreneurial activities in rural South India – where health meets wealth!

More programs and knowledge transfer - where health meets wealth!
More programs and knowledge transfer – where health meets wealth!

A lot of programs have been launched under the umbrella of Boehringer Ingelheim’s  Making More Health initiative in India in the past three years and are ongoing, such as our health awareness program driven by the company’s managers and experts that helps selfhelp group members of rural South India to get more knowledge in mental health, diabetes, nutrition, infectious disease and many more health- related topics. Also the hygiene program with schools is ongoing. However, in the upcoming four weeks a lot of additional activities will take place. One highlight will be – without doubts- for the first time a two day safety training that will raise more awareness on how to avoid accidents and health risks in the daily life of farmers and village people active in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Furthermore, a digital training on e- commerce will help kindergarten teachers who often are informal knowledge hubs in the villages to get insights on how to market in a more effective way handicrafts and rural products. For the 7th time a leadership week for international business managers from Boehringer Ingelheim on Social entrepreneurship’s and social intrapreneurial thinking in daily business together with the Karl Kübel Institute for development education will help business people to understand the real needs in areas where real markets in a modern understanding are not existing. This concerns 700 million of people out of 1.3 billion habitants of India. Sitting in offices and working out concepts, collaboration with agencies and even data research is just half of what is needed. Nothing can substitute the own experience and the direct contact with the people living in such surroundings. Interesting will be also a dedicated insights week with Animal Health managers to explore on how to help local village people to create more income via microentrepreneurial activities. And last, but not least also elaborating a meaningful, informative exhibition on health issues together with doctors in a tribal hospital which should help patients to understand health issues is under development. 

There will be a lot of information and impressions coming. 

You will read more articles on the single acrivities in the next four weeks. 

We look forward to keeping you informed!

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