Sometimes it takes just a small idea to change the world for better! How marketing for CSR activities can become sustainable

img_1824Many companies run huge Corporate responsibility and citizenship initiatives or engage somehow in social areas. Of course, they do it and they talk about it and use it also to position their own organisation as a social player  – which is quite fair.

What, if we do these huge campaigns and marketing activities in a more purposeful way, too?

Marketing can be a promotion and learning tool in one and create income for people close to the poverty line. It just takes the idea and willingness to make it happen.

Have a look yourself on how this could work: “WIN WIN for all: How marketing activities can also be connected to social activities and by thus empower poor communities.”

Creating wins wins for all is possible – the tailored game is not just a nice giveaway at conferences, not just a way of income for the women who produce it, but at the same time a learning tool for all: for all travelers and leadership course participants in India (see who want to learn about India, but also at the same time our learning tool for all educational courses in health offered to selfhelp groups. 

Find out more and watch the video

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