Making More Health (MMH) is for all: When young girls start to change the world

Young changemakers from a tribal village in South India

Yesterday, I met the two girls in one of our Making More Health awareness training modules on “Safety and environment issues in daily life” which we run with urban and rural self-help group leaders in the surrounding of Coimbatore, South India.


This 13 &14 years old years old girls, Sathya and Anjali from Kallukkadu told me:

We want to be part of this MMH health awareness training program because we learn so much and can share it with our friends!

“Our mothers participated right from the beginning in the MMH health trainings. When they came home they shared with us what they had heard and learned. There were so many things we never had heard of. But knowledge that helps us a lot to achieve much more – just with simple changes. We played the MMH cards to learn even more.* We started to ask them to bring us there, too, the next time. First they did not agree. But then we could convince them. Now, whenever there is a health training taking place we join – because we learn so much and can share it with our friends.”

Which are the daily risks you are aware of?

They tell me that they have participated already in three of our modules – on infectious diseases, on mental health and now the safety training.

“It’s our goal to collect as many certificates as possible and to bring this knowledge to our peers. Because this will help our villages and friends to have a better life in future!”, they add proudly.

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About the MMH Health community worker/health awareness program

*The MMH card sets are question and answers packages which are developed in connection with each health module/topic. They serve as learning materials and are played with a tailored game pad. This creates also a micro entrepreneurial opportunity for some of the self help groups.

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