Indian beach time

Cherai Beach, Kerala After a business meeting in Mumbai and good discussions with local colleagues about our social entrepreneurial and employee- driven activities in the rural and tribal areas of South India I have finally arrived in Cochin. It’s just a short stop before going to the project area (in Anaikatti border region between Tamil Nadu and Kerala). In Cochin I had some good discussions with a NGO representative and met a few people I know from earlier times.

I had some time in the afternoon just to go to the beach and to observe the “normal life” – the beach region around Cochi is well known, but the tourist season is over. It’s mostly local people now who come to the island of Cherai Beach on Friday afternoon to walk , enjoy and relax.

Beach timeIt’s incredibly hot. Monsoon rain will start next month only. But the colors and the landscape are simply amazing. Just have a look.

Amazing sunset and the famous “Chinese fishing nets”

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