If human are healthy then animals are healthy and vice versa

Eye check - understanding more about the health status of a goat

For two days tribal and urban Selfhelp group members have been trained in Animal Health, 50 participants in total under the umbrella of our Making More Health initiative.

The programme was resourced by a local doctor in close collaboration with a Veterinarian of our company and the support of a local NGO. The focus lied on prevention of diseases. The training is part of a 12 health topics training offered by Boehringer Ingelheim that last two years. The topics of the training were identified based on the interest and the need of the Selfhelp groups themselves.

There were a lot of learnings in these two days

The programme had lots of inputs on how to identify the diseases and symptoms of diseases and how it affects the health of animals. Practical demonstration of sheep and chicken gave participants lots of inputs/ information to control diseases and thereby growing them in a healthier way. This helps to sell them later also for a better price. And more income means that people are able to invest in a better life.

How to recognize symptoms of starting diseasesBoth days participants were happy and practical demo really helped them to understand clearly about parasites, symptoms of diseases and how to control, to learn on how to adminster the medicine to make healthy cow, sheep, chicken and goat.

“It was one of the best trainings I ever had”, confirmed one of the participants.

There is a direct bond between animal and human health

healthier animals means healthier human beings, too: how to prevent diseses from animals and to keep environment clean by disposing waste in a proper way, the importance of cleaniness etc. – all these things were part of the training.

Joyful learning

The wash game “Also they way on how we were taught all these interesting and important things , was a lot of fun”, added another participant.

“For example, we played A wash game on the usage of hand wash before food and after toilet, what to keep into mind when in comes to waste disposal etc. I was not that aware that hygiene plays this important role, especially when we treat the animals and for sure these practical examples will help us a lot in the future to raise the animals in a healthier way and we all will benefit from it”, concluded a Selfhelp group member.

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