A joyful day for managers, NGO colleagues, tribal people & goats

It has been a very special day today.

A day when many managers,  tribal people from the Anaikatti area (close to Coimbatore, South India) and last, but not least also 28 goats have been waiting for.

Under the umbrella of our Making More Health initiative last November we had invited managers from our Animal health functions and other managers to join the leadership week in rural South India. One of their week challenges was to prepare and to run a hygiene training on healthy and preventive goat growth in a tribal village. The training was very successful and as a side effect the managers had collected at the end of the week money to fulfill a huge wish of the trained women: buying for everyone a goat thus ensuring an important future income source.

The women self-help group wanted to build a small goat business that now, some months later, is becoming a reality! Today, the goats have been handed over while wearing the name badges of the donors. Mr Staffan ans Ms Elizabeth are just a few names. Nice names for goats, aren’t they?

It was a lot of fun and joy in the faces when the women gathered proudly bringing along their recently bought goats – in the middle of the village. All were excited and waiting for the official handover ceremony. Arrival in the village Young and old women everywhere in the village place. But not only the ladies, but also the animals seemed to be excited, too and contributed with loud voices to the handover. What an unusual sound for business people like me!!!

uOur local NGO project managers had prepared name tags for each of the goats reflecting the donors’ names. Together with the village people they fixed the name tags at each animal. “We should take a group photo”, someone said and a lot of single photos followed.  Just listen to what the village people said when we asked them about the goats and enjoy the pics.

For the Interview please click below or just copy into your browser line: https://www.facebook.com/makingmorehealth/videos/1899402666776639/

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