Managers experience how to provide good food when they can spend 50 rupees per day only…

Experiencing means understanding After the visit of our MMH kindergarten in Rural South India today our managers got the task to buy nutrious food for a very small amount of money (50 INR – that is what most of the families living close to the poverty line can spend per day per food). This experience gave them an idea on how difficult it is to care for the own family. The food items should be as healthy and rich as possible… well , it was a task where the struggled a lot with.

Buying nutrious food with a few money is challenging Malnutrition is a very common issue in the poor areas – all over India.

Visit to a rural self-help groupLater the day we visited a small tribal village and handed over our outcomes to a women self- help group.

One obvious result: people living close to the poverty line are probably much more successful than our managers when it comes to food provision.

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