A match across all borders – fun, learnings and surprises

“We have made it!!!”

The students from a Middle School in a rural town close to Coimbatore, South India, are happy when the game ends.

They are happy because it’s just two days till the holidays at school will start.

And: they are happy because in the hygiene action game against ten managers from all over the world they have won…

The hygiene game set and additional support for schools

During our Making More Health (MMH) Leadership week with Corporate Managers we have visited today a Middle School: here and in many other schools around Coimbatore an intensiv hygiene training program has taken place (developed and implemented in 70 schools during the last year by one of our MMH Fellows, Thorsten Kiefer in close collaboration with the Karl Kübel Institute for development education and the Land Hessen). Teachers, children and parents have been trained. In addition, in the school here we from MMH have sponsored a new MMH toilet building and some repair work in some schools

The game set, packed in a red bag, comprises several fun-based and at the same time educational action games: about hand-washing, toilet usage and avoiding germs.

During our school visit, playing the game ourselves has been a must.

It was big fun to everyone. The learnings are obvious: based on joyful learning approaches the children know very well where and how hygiene practices should be applied. Even the youngest were keen to be part of the game.

The surprise? Some grandparents of the children had joined for our visit and proudly observed how we played together with the kids. They joined also with big pleasure the group photo moment at the end of our visit, smiling: their kids had done very well and won 23:0!

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  1. Wonderful work you are doing there.may God bless you all.


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