Make change happen! Are you really doing something for your target group?

Often when I talk about our learnings and success stories from our Making More Health projects in India and other countries I’m asked how companies can start sustainable projects in emerging countries or with target groups in need.

One of the success factors is the win- win approach which is always relevant.

For sure there are many other approaches and also many things to write about. But there are six ground rules that make a huge difference and are key for change making and sustainable co-creation and collaboration – if we want to do it in a fair, transparent way and be seen as real partner. That’s what we understand as win- win, too:

  1. Create relationship If you think you knock at the door and everyone is welcoming you just because of you, you are wrong. Every relationship needs trust and a common understanding who is the other one.
  2. Do something first for the people and organizations you want to work with. This means also that you listen and understand the needs from the people.
  3. Identify leaders and influencers. Work and develop together with them – plans, concepts, solutions and next steps.
  4. Train the leaders – they will be your main source of support and your best ambassadors
  5. Make it simple – go for “good enough ideas” – no one likes complex solutions that become big and bigger. They cost a lot of resources and often fail before the first step has been implemented. Build your projects, step by step. Learn, then develop further. And trust your intuition.
  6. Make it visible. Demonstrate the benefit – seeing means believing. This applies to all your stakeholders: your target groups, your partners and your company!

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