Interim assessment and high blood pressure measuring for 40 health workers from Self-help groups in rural India

Impression from our 8th health awareness module under the umbrella of Making More Health in rural IndiaUnder the umbrella of the Making More Health initiative, today and tomorrow we conduct a high blood pressure learning session. It is part of our ongoing health worker training program for our 40 Self help group leaders in rural India. We have distributed blood pressure devices and solar battery rechargers. Starting with a repetition of diabetes knowledge and learnings of the past module and an interim assessment of the last seven modules – which was definitely a critical test and challenge for all participants (but also a huge joy for all when they had passed) – additional information on high blood pressure and on how to measure have been in the focus this time. People participated in a big way as usual.

Here are some nice pictures of today’s program.

Learning on how to measure the blood pressure

Very proudly our Selfhelp group leaders got a certificate about a successful interim test

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