Healthy child rearing – basic teaching makes a huge difference

It does not require a lot of money for Corporates to make big differences… often skill transfer and personal engagement as well as openness to co-create with local NGOs and local stakeholders can make a huge difference that helps the local population in a very prompt and specific way. One example is e.g Boehringer Ingelheim’s Making More Health initiative in India. That’s what Our local NGO project manager reported yesterday: “We have just finished module IX, this time on child rearing for tribal and urban self-help groups. There were 42 participants in all. The module was resourced by an employee from Boehringer Ingelheim Canada and a local doctor from our project area.

The module gave an insight to the participants on various milestone in child growth and how to assess the childhood physical, mental and social aspects from 0 to 19 years.

The module also covered the nutrition, balanced diet, breastfeeding, vaccine schedule from birth to 5 years to prevent various diseases.

Additionally, it was explained on how to deal emergencies in kids to tackle high fever, dehydration, jaundice and sepsis for the healthy child rearing.

The participants learnt first time about vaccine schedule for pregnant mothers and child and happy child rearing methods, dos and don’ts…”

The training based on various modules and health topics is ongoing for more than a year now. The number of participants is very high and constant – a clear indication that there is a shared value: for the self-help groups and their families, for the local NGO which is empowered in their intent and also the Corporate people who engage – because learning what is really needed and understanding the life conditions are basics to develop innovative business models. This year even first set ups of micro enterprises are under development… because health, knowledge and skill transfer and economic situations depend on each other.

I’m happy to see how we all together can make this happen!

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