Sponsoring for medical education for a girl in our project area needed

Visit at Abhaya home and HIV infected families

Dear All,

as you know – together with friends and colleagues  – I engage in a bundle of social entrepreneurial projects and put a lot of engagement to support selfhelp groups, kindergarten teachers and people in tribal villages in South India. Sometimes, I meet HIV affected women and their children and students from Abhaya children home who need financial support.  Their life circumstances are really difficult. Some of my Indian friends tell me during visits what’s going on in some of the families and how small money could make a huge difference. Often I cannot do anything or far too less. But this time I need your support.

Let me share this letter with you which has reached me a few days ago. Those of you who have been in India with me know well the situation of HIV infected families and their daily issues. Some of you have also met Mrs Sudhamaheswari in person and talked to her at NMCT (Abhaya home) about her life with HIV. I stay in regular contact with the family. If you see a possibility to help (every small amount will help), it is highly appreciated. Selvi and her mother are simply great people.

“Selvi was born in a HIV infected family. She has lost her father during
2008 due to the impact of HIV/AIDS. The family was reeling under acute poverty due
to the expenses incurred for medical expenses. The mother of
Selvi, is the only earning member in the family. In the absence of her
husband she is maintaining her family expenses along with the
education expenses for her daughter Selvi and her son. 
With all her hardship in the family she maintained to educate her children. Ignoring
her family situations, with more self confidence and motivation Selvi
completed her school education at Sri Kannika P Higher Secondary School,
Udumalpet, Tirupur District and got fourth rank in 10 th standard at State level with
496/ 500 marks.
She continued her school studies in R.K.R GRKS Matriculation Higher Secondary
School, Udumalpet, Tirupur District and with her promising abilities she has scored
1154/1200 marks in 12 th Standard.
With the same self confidence she has got trained in NEET (National Eligibility
Entrance Test) 2018 and ranked 1717 at National level in the MBBS/BDS Courses
2018-2019 session (Government Quota) .
She aspires to continue her higher studies in MBBS with the support of philanthropic
donors. The estimate for completion of her degree of MBBS will works out tentatively
@ Rs.1,50,000/- per annum (this corresponds to ca.2200 EUR/year) , including college fee, hostel fee, books, uniforms, medical appliances and transport.

Together with the Karl Kübel Stiftung in Bensheim, Germany we have opened a special donation cost center. In this way you can get also a donation certificate (for tax deduction), if you live in Germany.

Please send your donation to

Name of organization/NGO:  Karl Kübel Institut für Kind und Familie

Bank account:  Sparkasse Bensheim, Germany 

BIC HELADEF1BEN,  IBAN  DE41509500680005050000 

Please describe your donation as “KST 48800 Abhaya Student Shelter (ASS) Ausbildungsförderung”!

I’ll keep you informed and will meet Selvi and her mother in September 2018. It would be fantastic if Selvi could start her studies – for herself, her family, but also the community around.

Jfyi: If we will collect more many than needed for Selvi (just in case) we will cover further educational costs for the girls in the children home of Abhaya in Coimbatore and, of course, inform you in the blog.

Many thanks to all of you!


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