Just imagine you need a toilet… and there is no one

collagetoilets2onamewimagesourceTogether with our local partner NGO, the Karl Kübel institute for development education and the land Hessen as well as with our MMH fellow Thorsten Kiefer (WASH) we from the Making More Health initiative run and support also some hygiene programs in our Indian project area. As part of it we build and renovate toilets at schools. Because education and awareness programs on hygiene help a lot that students can visit schools at a regular basis. However, awareness is the first step to prevent diseases. The second step is also to make sure that the knowledge can be practiced and that the students have the right tools and surroundings to make hygiene happen.

Today, we have received a few photos from the toilet buildings in the elementary and middle school in South India – the buildings look fantastic.  Seeing the joy of the children and teachers is simply great!

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