Where visionaries become leaders – learn more about kanthari/ South India

Paul (left) and Sabriye at their organization kanthari
Paul (left) and Sabriye and their organization kanthari

Today, I like to share with you some exciting news from my friends Paul and Sabriye who run a great organization in South India. Sabriye and Paul started kanthari, an institute for social change in 2009. In just 10 years, they have produced leaders who have impacted over 50,000 lives.

With help of several hands-on workshops, field and exposure visits, networking and interaction with other social entrepreneurs and change makers, at kanthari visionaries, people who want to make change happen, are transformed into inspiring leaders in seven months.

Named after a spicy chili with numerous medicinal values, kanthari is a place to create a new type of leader –- a leader from the margins of society. Read more at:


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