The big enigma of becoming future micro entrepreneurs

We, my colleague from Greece and myself, have arrived today in the rural areas close to Coimbatore, here where we have also launched many other trainings on health and digital, build kindergarten and toilets. But it’s time to enable people to launch small businesses on their own. There is no health without wealth.

We do not have too much time for preparations. That’s why my Indian NGO team has already bought and prepared all what we need. Now we need to test if it works. What’s maybe missing. To make sure that our training will be successful.

In two days we will train people from our project areas and Self-help groups. Men and women. We are trying to teach skills that will enable them to do some small business.

At this point I don’t tell you what it is, but I will give you a hint. Just have a look at the picture. And another hint will follow tomorrow.

From Thursday onwards then you will be able to see much more. But now it’s your turn. What do you think could it be what we are going to do?

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