Where hygiene learning and fun come together… our health training number 10!

Just two days back -as part of the ongoing health awareness training for tribal and urban self-help groups in South India – we offered module x , this time on simple surgery and hygiene. And we are very happy to see that nearly all participants from the first module training onwards are still very keen on learning about health and sharing their knowledge with families and neighbors when they are back in their villages.

The module X helps to learn the importance on how to care appentisitis, hernia, wound care, fat balls in the body, dental problems and how to deal with these problems.

Our local doctor Dr Naveen from the tribal hospital and our employee, Dr Arpit Jain from Mumbai prepared and conducted successfully this training unit.

One main topic was also hand wash with soap before food and after toilet use, good wash habits, clean toilets, importance of toilet and no open defecation, the importance of cleaning private parts and menstrual hygiene as well as the importance of brushing teeth twice in a day and nail cutting.

These two days helps women to understand the importance of health and prevention. Many women expressed that these inputs are very useful in their day to day life and change their life style.

Practical demo was conducted for all the participants on how to wash hands through soap “in seven steps” and how to brush the teeth.

As one of the participants said:” It was a very useful topic today. A topic where basic knowledge makes a big difference!”

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