Incredible things happen when managers engage on a long term level

We startet activities with schools 2 years back in collaboration with our local NGO partner KKID and one of our MMH ( Making More Health initiative) fellow as well as the German government. Everyone took care of a different thing, but always with the aim of completing hygiene awareness and practice. That approach is definitely leading to more success and sustainability – in all levels.

The fellow brought in a lot of education and teaching material and we as a company , together with the NGO, built toilets and washing rooms and spread via health awareness programs – even beyond schools – a lot of awareness. We integrated hygiene trainings also in other trainings we run in this region.

Today, during our leadership week with managers we have visited one of the schools. The managers had the week task to develop and to implement a new activity on soap and handwashing in one of our partner schools.

It was a great day. Full of emotions, learnings and fun!

Just have a look at what our managers did!

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